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Published:January 6th, 2015 15:03 EST
Why Was Patricidal Thomas Gilbert, Jr Booked on Second-Degree Murder Charges?

Why Was Patricidal Thomas Gilbert, Jr Booked on Second-Degree Murder Charges?

By John G. Kays

Did Thomas Gilbert, Jr bring the .40 caliber Glock 22 with him to the exclusive Beekman Place Apartments in Manhattan, with foreknowledge that he would kill his father, Thomas Gilbert, Sr, (a rich and powerful hedge-fund-manager [Wainscott Capital Partners])? 

This is a loaded question, just as the Glock was (appropriate pun), since detectives found an ample cache of bullets at his apartment, matching the handgun. The reason why I think it`s a safe bet, Tommy brought the gun along for a lethal family visit, is because of this, the discovery of Glock ammunition in his apartment, which has an address of 350 W. 18th Street. 

After shooting his dad once in the head (in his father`s bedroom, no less [Most Freudian!]), at around 3:30 PM Sunday (1/04/2014), Tommy chose to deposit the murder weapon on his dad`s chest, setting up the scene to look like a suicide; therefore, losing possession of the weapon (he probably came in with). 

A smarter play, I`d like to suggest, amounts to smuggling the gun out of the high rise units and getting rid of it all together (see The Godfather Part II). In my mind, it would be considerably more difficult to prosecute him and get a conviction, lacking the gun, you see!

This seems to suggest Tommy hadn`t thought his plan out beforehand too meticulously, as far as trouble-shooting all the ramifications, or the cause and effect of each of the steps of this Foulest Form of Patricide, which accounts for what was bugging him psychologically - to the extent he`d act on a plan that had (conceivably) been a recurring fantasy of his, for sometime, I might even add.

Well, this scheme has a plethora of flaws that tend to push it in the direction of a crime of passion. Why was Gilbert, Jr only charged with Second-Degree Homicide? I`d consider his flimsy plan as a possible rationale for this lesser charge.  Could it (reduced charges) be, since he sprang from a wealthy and socially elevated family? This can`t be ruled out! 

How about this: it was premeditated murder, but Tommy wanted to get caught; almost like a pie to toss in the face to the police, his mom, and/or to his prestigious cohorts on Wall Street! That sounds good to me, so run it by a few times, and see if it`s a working model for you. With my MO Thomas should have been booked on First Degree; this is my call. 

They got it all wrong; the motive amounts to remuneration; this kid wanted to start his own hedge fund. Here`s another reason why it`s first degree; Tommy had this thing well thought out ahead of time! He even tells his Mom to go out and get him something to eat (obvious clue, signaling premeditation).

Boyce had a bad feeling as she ran this fabricated errand. I interpret her premonition as a strong visionary gleaning of Vile Patricide, by her very own son. What else could it be? A Business Insider article (Ex-Girlfriend of Man Accused of Killing...) has provided me with ample support for my theories, which are not harebrained (yea, I know, they`re out there!)

That is, Tommy had complained many times before about how hard his Dad, (Thomas Gilbert, Sr), had been on him. The flaky offspring revealed his misbegotten feelings to a former girlfriend, Anna Rothschild. It looks like the father to son raging row was mainly over money, and over a child who was spoiled rotten, and had some deep-seeded maturity issues (Tommy didn`t even have a job and he is 30)

Gilbert Sr was already paying for his rent, which came to $2,400-a-month (back in the 70s, I use to rent a flat for $75, here in Austin!); additionally, the little jerk-off was getting an allowance of $600-a-month, which dad wanted to cut down by two C notes. And the arrogant, coddled prodigy wants seed bread for his own hedge fund? This is insanity!

If I don`t get my way, I`m gonna go over and shoot you, Daddy (imagined quote), which is exactly what he ends up doing. Tommy acts on a festering, Foul Noir, afternoon daydream! Yea, the NYC Prosecutor should`ve stuck him with First-Degree Murder, don`t you think?