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Published:January 7th, 2015 12:34 EST
An Abandoned Dog Kai Is More Than Just Another Pet Story, It`s a Detective Mystery Also!

An Abandoned Dog Kai Is More Than Just Another Pet Story, It`s a Detective Mystery Also!

By John G. Kays

I don`t normally address the popular topic of animals or pets, but in this case, it`s a little different; I mean, that is, with the mixed-breed (shar-pei, mainly) dog, Kai, abandoned in the Ayr train station in Scotland. Kai was found last Friday night (1/02/2015), tied to a rail pipe with a few of his belongings, a gesture that suggests his unidentified owner may have rid themselves of their pet, filled with an iota of sympathy or regret. 

This is a controversial point, as the authorities (in this example, I suppose the detectives are the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [SPCA]) attempt tracking down the rightful owner of Kai. Kai`s original owner claims he sold the dog on the internet. 

This claim is getting a lot of criticism on the internet, and further, many peoples` comments even question whether this is real or not (some seem to suggest he`s the one who jettisoned the solemn, defeated-looking bowser)!

They might even consider administering a lie-detector test to this cat (if he`ll consent), who sold our droopy-eyed, cutsie Kai; one reckons Kai could easily score a dreamy, sympathetic new owner after this Dog Tale`s gone bonkers-Ville-Viral on the World-Wide-Web! 

The key here is the precious, clear pics taken of Kai, whether they were shot by a SPCA employee or whoever, they`re terrific and make you melt like butter, oozing with TLC for this poor doggy, who lost his home and his family (which may be a blessing in disguise)

Kai`s like a hobo in one of Woody Guthrie`s songs, who is about to catch a random train for Destiny Unknown, in search for some love and respect, then probably a sit down with a healthy bowl of Purina Chow, along with a huge tub of agua.

I wouldn`t mind having Kai myself, since I`m more of a dog person than a cat person; I live with my sister and she has 4 cats, so I`m not allowed to have a dog.

This is a horrible bummer! Anyhow, one other aspect of this Pet Story, that`s keeping me glued, is it`s a Mystery Saga or a True Crime Detective Case, in one package! Who is this cruel, yet sensitive owner who snuck Kai into this train station? How could this person not have been seen doing so, in such a busy railway? 

Is Kai`s original owner telling the truth? Why`d the culprit do it in the first place? Did Kai ever act up? Will they catch this bowser-shedder, with a weird MO? Who will ultimately get the prized dog as their very own loving dog? 

Will my story go viral? If it does, I`d like to thank Kai and give `em a Big Hug! Who`ll be the lucky duck who gets to write the final chapter of this Mutt Abandonment Chronicle?