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Published:January 8th, 2015 10:13 EST

Cat Survives Being Shot Through Head With Arrow

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A family cat in Florida has used up one of her nine lives after being shot through the head with an arrow.

Owner Tyra Bulluck, 40, said they went looking for Akila on Tuesday night after she got out of the house in Riverview, 12 miles (19km) south of Tampa.


They were horrified to discover their pet pierced by the 7inch (18cm) dart in a neighbour`s front garden shrub on Wednesday morning."

Sky News

Outdoor cats are vulnerable to predators such as coyotes and dogs, and to the most dangerous predator of all, humans.

My cats have never been outside since the day I brought them home from the animal shelter, they have more than enough to do playing with each other and my dog.

Akila is strictly an indoor cat, but cats are naturally curious and she managed to get out of the house without her owner`s knowledge.

The arrow was turned over to the police and it will be tested for fingerprints and DNA to identify the sadist who shot the poor creature.

Akila is recuperating after a 45-minute operation to remove the arrow.

Photograph of Akila with arrow piercing her head:

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