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Published:January 8th, 2015 13:16 EST
In an Unprecedented Dump Truck Assault On Cop Cars (Glenarden, Md.), What Angered the Driver?

In an Unprecedented Dump Truck Assault On Cop Cars (Glenarden, Md.), What Angered the Driver?

By John G. Kays

I never thought of a dump truck as a lethal weapon, until this morning, upon encountering the very strange case that went down yesterday in Glenarden, Maryland, in a strip mall parking lot (Woodmore Town Center)! By now you probably are aware of the incident I`m referring to; I`d reconstruct the entire crazy scene for you right here, but the only problem I`m having, is we don`t really know what happened. 

Well, back up a bit; we know approximately what occurred, but we don`t know the crucial WHY. What had this dump truck driver (he works for Allstar Utility Company, but his name hasn`t been given yet) so pissed off, that he decided he do the Goldfinger Crunch on these two Prince George County Police cruisers (well, only one got a real compact treatment)? I mean, all these two cops were trying to do, was get some windshield wiper fluid for their cars at Costco? Why was this a threat to the driver?

We have no clue yet! We hear, before he circles around for the Blitzkrieg-like assault, he spurts out some angry verbal banter at the two officers; but where or what`s the wellspring for this anger (not merely ordinary anger, but rather energized hostility, laced with a smack of violence)? And then we can`t help but wonder whether the two officers countermanded his spiel? If they did respond with words, what did they say? Afterwards (to what?), he goes berserk; that much is clear enough!

Was the driver under the influence of recent social unrest and hostility towards the police in general, making the rounds in our nation, in the wake of Ferguson and Staten Island? A spokesman for the Prince George County police even said the driver took an aggressive stance after exiting these Big Wheels, that seconds before, had consummately trounced and smothered the metal rear of one sorry-looking cruiser. 

Fortunately, the miffed trucker had no firearm on him, and the two officers, who apparently had nerves of steel, easily handcuffed him and hauled him down to headquarters. One reporter even mentioned this man might get charged with attempted murder; although, surely he noticed no one was in the cars (the object of his rampage). 

As soon as we can determine the source of the dump trucker`s angst, the sooner we can to the bottom of this. When I say this, I mean, are there any precedents for the way this went down? Do dump truck assaults have a history? I don`t believe there are, but show me a scan of some newspaper clippings, proving me wrong, then I`ll be a believer! No better time to play Truckin " by The Grateful Dead, don`t you think?