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Published:January 9th, 2015 00:31 EST
The Essential Business Communication Process

The Essential Business Communication Process

By Keith Johnson

The Essential Business Communication Process

According to a survey among several Fortune 500 companies several years ago, there is a clear and well defined "path" through which information travels as part of day to day communications. There are three major steps in this process.

First, the source of information is called a "stimulus". This is an event that manifests in a person such that he or she feels the need to communicate. This stimulus can be internal or external. An internal stimulus could be an idea. An external stimulus could be a message from someone else.

Second, the information (stimulus) moves through a "filter". This is another way of saying a medium of travel. This could be conversation, email, text, etc. In some ways, the information is modified to be able to travel through this filter.

Third, the message arrives at its destination. This could be a message sent to oneself or a message sent to another person. The criteria by which another person receives this message is usually similar language, culture, and ability to work with the technology at hand. So, if the original person with the message is communicating with someone else through a common and known interface - socially or technologically, the message should make it successfully to its destination - the mind of the receiving individual.

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Keith Charles Johnson, MBA, MS Education
Senior Technical Writer, Software Trainer, and Author
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