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Published:January 8th, 2015 10:42 EST

Traffic Cops in the Philippines Ordered to Wear Diapers for Pope visit

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Traffic police in the Philippines have been ordered to wear nappies when Pope Francis visits the south-east Asian country next week.


Gridlock is expected to be so bad in Manila that the police have been told that if the call of nature beckons, they will have to answer it in situ.

The requirement will affect around 2,000 traffic enforcers, said Francis Tolentino, the chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

He encouraged the millions of ordinary Catholics expected to turn up to see the leader of the Roman Catholic Church to also consider wearing adult nappies."

The Telegraph

If the Philippines doesn`t have enough portable lavatories for the huge crowds expected, and the logistical challenge is just too great, the Third World country should never have invited the Pope.

The traffic cops in the Philippines will ba a laughing stock not only in the Philippines but in the entire world. How are citizens supposed to take them seriously when they have droopy drawers and stink to high heaven?

Mormons take a lot of grief for their magic underwear, but millions of diaper-clad Catholics making a pilgrimage to see the pontiff is an abomination  that may destroy the Roman Catholic Church.

Even priests and nuns are advised to wear diapers, cardinals wearing silly hats is one thing, but clerics wearing diapers is a horse of a different color.

I admire Pope Francis, but this trip to the Philippines is really a crappy idea, and I hope he cancels it.

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