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Published:January 9th, 2015 12:06 EST
Who`s Behind the United Plane Graffiti-Art Prank (Crime?) ? Why and Where?

Who`s Behind the United Plane Graffiti-Art Prank (Crime?) ? Why and Where?

By John G. Kays

The mystery of who created the graffiti art on the tail of a United Airlines Boeing jet 747-400, last July (UF 869), is currently my favorite news story hitting the (social media) wires! 

The administrative and legal aspects, since United ended up canning those 13 employees who refused to brave a flight to Hong Kong last summer (July 14th), so now they`re filing a federal whistler-blower complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is interesting, but not of an equal caliber. 

Nonetheless, the actual raw narrative of what happened that day, along with the sequence of dramatic developments, that reflect the charged dynamics between United Employees *(Flight Attendants) and the Upstairs Cabal, remains and has to be, the meat of the matter. 

What comes after July 14th is only a meditation (mutation?) on what may be THE historic sequence of events, an intriguing pivotal conundrum ( or A Wink of God`s Eye), that absolutely elude us, even as we try quite a bit harder to probe the Synthetic Veil of Obfuscation (this is whatever you want it to be)!

Pulling a Philip K. Dick on you, which I deem appropriate in this baffling, metaphysical situation. Anyhow, I can`t get enough of (what I`ll call) the UF 869 Image, originally taken by First Officer Jeff Montgomery (I believe) on this weird, out-of-whack day, in an airline`s history. Not that much to it really, but still? 

BYE BYE and the two simple face drawings, which reminded me of the Greek Tragic & Comic Masks we so often see; although, not exactly. The San Francisco Chronicle has published the best and most complete narrative of what may have happened that sensational day (United Airlines plane`s disturbing image led to 13 firings, by Kathleen Pender); what I`m up to, is, breaking it up in terms of important details. 

First off, it`s not entirely clear where it was done; was it sketched or doodled with jet oil in the Hong Kong airport, or was the hoax or joke of graffiti-izing the jet tail performed (only word I could come up with just now) at the San Francisco airport? 

Eureka! BYE BYE, to me, has a connotation that UF 869 is gonna disappear shortly, maybe exploding from a bomb in mid-flight; it means what it means, and that`s not so innocuous, when you add on that sinister, wicked cartoon-face doodle!

I don`t blame one iota those cautious flight attendants for wanting to bail; remember, Malaysian Flight 370 had just vanished. In the same breath, I can`t help but question the judgement of United Higher-Ups, who were GO GREEN *(green as in GREED) LIGHT GO!

Okay, so who are the perpetrators? If you will, who are the Mysteriosos of Airplane Graffiti Street-Art? And when did they do it? Where did they do it? Why did they do it? Was it a prank, as Captain Bowman (UF 869) purportedly suggested, or did it have a more serious intent, behind it? And why did Bowman think of South Korean mechanics as inclusion in the suspect pool? 

Does this mean this plane went to South Korea also, in its routine rotation of scheduled flights? Further, how`d the artist get up on the tail cone? Wouldn`t a ladder or lift be needed? Why didn`t somebody see him/her do it? Wouldn`t it have to be a colleague, that is, a fellow airline employee? Therefore, wasn`t this prank (or crime) an inside job? 

It would have to be! Am I getting warmer or colder? United will have to bite the bullet on this one, and reinstate the courageous, wise THIRTEEN, don`t you think? A reenactment of that day, July 14th, 2014 on UF 869, is in order, I`ll advise, by way of cinematic projections, but of course, starring Liam Neeson (naturally)! Edward Norton will get to play the dastardly, villainous, graffiti artist, I`ll further pipe in (think The Italian Job!).