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Published:January 14th, 2015 14:31 EST

Black Lab Takes Solo Bus Ride to Dog Park: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Eclipse the dog loves the park. So much so that she doesn`t like to wait for her owner Jeff Young to catch the bus.

The two make several trips to the dog park during the week. They always take the bus right by their home in Seattle but sometimes Jeff takes a little too long to finish his cigarette.

If the bus comes before he`s done, Eclipse just hops on without him. Takes a nice ride for three or four stops and then hops off."



During the spring and summer I take my pooch Mandy to the park almost every day, as soon as I open the gate to my backyard she runs to my Jeep.

Dogs live in the now, the concept of patience is foreign to them, as soon as I pick up Mandy`s favorite ball, she will bark in protest if I don`t throw it to her immediately.

I can understand Exclipse`s impatience with her owner; she`s not going to miss her bus because he is addicted to nicotine. Her homies are at the park, and she wants to play with them as soon as possible.

This is a wonderful heartwarming story and Eclipse is a smart pooch, but I would never let Mandy ride the bus by herself, especially if I lived in a big city like Seattle. It is irresponsible for a dog owner to let his dog ride the bus by herself, there`s always the danger someone might dognap Eclipse.

A dog should never roam around a city without her owner by her side. Jeff please kick the nicotine habit, and never let your canine companion out of your sight.

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