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Published:January 14th, 2015 15:00 EST

Outrage: Amal Clooney Wears Freakishly Long Gloves at Golden Globes

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Kathy Griffin slammed Amal Clooney on Monday`s episode of Fashion Police.

The 54-year-old actress made unflattering remarks about the 36-year-old lawyer`s ensemble at the 2015 Golden Globes. The awards show special marked Griffin`s debut as a replacement host for Joan Rivers on the E! series.


`I thought it was weird she had those gloves that remind me of, like, a porn scene where the guy goes home and there`s the naughty dishwasher and she only has the gloves,` she said of Clooney`s choice of accessory."


It`s great to see Kathy Griffin skewer clueless celebrities with as much relish and tact as the recently departed Joan Rivers.

Only a porn star, a proctologist or a pathetic celeb desperate for attention would don a pair of gloves so ridiculously long.

I know Amal Clooney is an accomplished lawyer, a well-known activist and a gifted author, but she has absolutely no fashion sense.

Wearing those freakishly long gloves wasn`t a faux pas; it was  a fashion felony worthy of being publicly flogged.

Amal knows where she can stuff those weirdo gloves!

Pic of Satan`s gloves:

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