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Published:January 14th, 2015 12:56 EST
San Marcos Shooting Death of Earl Edward Clark III, at Townwood Apartments, Anything But Ordinary!

San Marcos Shooting Death of Earl Edward Clark III, at Townwood Apartments, Anything But Ordinary!

By John G. Kays

The homicide in San Marcos, Texas, late Monday evening (01/12/2015), at the Townwood Apartment complex came as a shock to me, when first hearing of it on the news last night. Yet, I have to ask myself, is this what it appears to be, or is it all together something entirely different?

Initially, the news that two men (Earl Edward Clark III, 42, and Jay Ryan Guerrero, 19) were gunned-down right in the common area of this apartment complex, which looks to me just like hundreds of other complexes I`ve seen or even lived in, in my day, struck me as a very ordinary story; one I`ve encountered millions of times before. 

A somewhat closer look, however, distinguishes it amongst others, in subtle ways. One item, not so good, is this shooting gives San Marcos it`s first homicide for 2015 (Earl died); another clue or fact that strikes us as a bit strange, is that the two victims didn`t live at Townwood. Earl and Jay are from San Antonio; so what the heck were they doing, getting shot no less, at these generic-looking apartments, Townwood?

My first guess has to be, they were merely trying to get away from somebody else, who was pursuing them with a vindictive vengeance, and even wanted to kill these poor men! As such, Earl and Jay simply (randomly) dash into the grounds of these units (probably housing lots of Texas State students), looking desperately around for a hiding place, or something resembling a sanctuary from their venomous adversaries

Well, this is one way it may have played out, but there could be some other ways too, I realize. Most of us are likely suspicious that drugs or drug sales figure in, someway; I share these suspicions myself. And then one wonders whether Earl and Jay were perhaps visiting somebody at Townwood, after 11:00 PM, on a Monday night *(the time, date, and place all have a way of raising some red flags, don`t you think?)

Here`s yet another possibility that will give you the chills: the killer or killers actually live and are tenants of Townwood! There`s only an outside chance this is true, but when you run by the idea that stalkers just so happened to chase these two men into the complex, this is equally improbable. Naturally, we need a great deal more information; one would suppose, detectives are running by any leads they can get their hands on, even as I type!

One obvious area, that needs a thorough checking out, is what were Clark and Guerrero doing in San Marcos in the first place, when they`re really from San Antonio? And why were these two men together, anyhow? What binds them? And Jay is just a youngster, while Earl is in the early stages of his middle-age years - what gives with the marked age discrepancy?

This was one of the first reasons for altering my attitude towards this news story, favoring extraordinary over prosaic. Okay, so where do these two men work; what`s their work history, if any? And do they have rap sheets of a kind - how so, if they do? What are their priors, if any?  

And what can we determine about the 500 block of Linda Lane (I`ll make a point of checking it out the next time I go to San Marcos, which is usually about once a week), the location of the shooting? Well, you know, does Linda have any history of drug dealing, or such goings on? And what about the shooting itself? 

Why were tenants slow to recognize what was happening? How many shots were fired? What type of weapon was used? Was it an automatic weapon, such as an Uzi? Once Guerrero comes around, maybe we`ll get to the bottom of this; no, this story is stacking up to anything but ordinary. Gangs, Cartel people breaking into the Southwest market? Irrational fears and idle speculation`s not a good way to solve this crime, so I`ll see ya later!