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Published:January 15th, 2015 09:48 EST

Outrage: Naya Rivera Says Showering Every Day is a 'White People Thing'! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes


Naya Rivera has apologized for saying she thinks showering every day is a white people thing.


The 28-year-old singer caused controversy during an appearance on `The View` on Tuesday (14.01.15) when she said she believes white people take a shower a lot more than ethnics, but she has now said sorry if she offended anyone because it was only meant to be a joke. "


Naya Rivera is talented, beautiful, and an airhead! Watch the video at the bottom of this page, you be the judge, did it seem like homegirl was joking?

I`m Hispanic and I take a bath every day, if I had a shower I would take a shower twice a day; I hate it when I`m funky and sweaty.

I don`t care how hot Naya is, I wouldn`t touch her with a ten-foot pole now that I know she doesn`t take a shower every day.

Taking a shower every day isn`t a white people thing, it`s a civilized people thing!

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