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Published:January 16th, 2015 11:57 EST

Cat Rescued From Jeep Engine, Loses Leg and Tail

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New Brunswick cat rescued from a Jeep engine may have lost his tail and one of his legs, but he gained a new home.


Wayne Leger of Moncton said his building superintendent contacted him shortly after he drove home from work Jan. 9 and told him there were cat sounds coming from under the hood of his Jeep.

Leger said he popped open the hood to discover a stray cat was tangled up in his motor."


The little grey kitty sought refuge from the sub-freezing temperatures, and got stuck in the Jeep`s engine when Leger drove home from work.

The little trooper may have lost his tail and one of his legs, and at least two of his nine lives, but he`s still alive and kicking and on the road to recovery.

When the firefighter extracted the cat from the Jeep he was close to death, but the good folks at The Oaks Veterinary Medical and Emergency Referral Centre are taking good care of him.

There are many miracle cats available for adoption at your local animal shelter, adopt a bundle of joy today!

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