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Published:January 17th, 2015 11:31 EST

Masha the Hero Cat Saves Abandoned Russian Baby: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Russian stray cat is being hailed as a hero for using her warm snuggles to save the life of a baby abandoned in a cardboard box near Moscow.


Residents of an apartment building in the city of Obninsk said they heard the cat, dubbed Masha by residents who leave her food, meowing for help Jan. 10 near the building`s entrance and they followed the sound to find the feline keeping a baby warm in a cardboard box."


Russians survive the harsh winters by wearing layers of clothing and fortifying themselves with plenty of vodka.

The infant had been abandoned next to the building`s entrance in a box with some food and diapers. The tiny baby wouldn`t have survived for more than a few minutes had the cat not kept him warm. Not only did the feline cuddle with the baby, but she meowed for help.

Russian President Vladimir Putin likes to be photographed wrestling bears and hugging leopards, he should seize the opportunity of a photo op with Masha the hero pussycat. Putin already enjoys sky-high approval ratings, but after his photo-op with Masha he would probably be declared dictator-for-life.

Masha is being rewarded for her courage with treats by the grateful residents of the apartment complex.

In spite of his ordeal the baby is in excellent health, and authorities are trying to identify his parents.

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