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Published:January 19th, 2015 14:58 EST
SOP Word of the Day: DHTML

SOP Word of the Day: DHTML

By Keith Johnson

Word of the Day: DHTML

DHTML is an acronym for Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language. DHTML is used to describe the combination of HTML tags, Cascading Style Sheets (CCS), and scripts that enable web page authors to animate the pages that they are creating. DHTML allows for the appearance of a web page to change after it is loaded into the computer`s memory and browser cache - without any further communication with the originating server.

Example: It is important to use DHTML for our website`s home page so that we can alternate images of our leading products, so that people can see them all without having to click through a menu.


Keith Charles Johnson, MBA, MS Education
Senior Technical Writer and Author
The Google Productivity Guide (Amazon)
The Google Productivity eGuide (iTunes, Google Play)