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Published:January 20th, 2015 13:50 EST
Why Did Robert Allenby`s Mysterious Kidnappers and Robbers Choose the Amuse Wine Bar for Their Caper?

Why Did Robert Allenby`s Mysterious Kidnappers and Robbers Choose the Amuse Wine Bar for Their Caper?

By John G. Kays

I`m working on it! What? Robert Allenby`s version of events verses other verifiable pieces of available evidence; a good example is the receipt in Robert`s pocket (paid for dinner at 10:06 PM, Friday evening, and paid his wine bill at 10:48PM), found after the terrible, unfocused event, that left his face good and banged up. 

Let`s see, the homeless lady, Charade Keane, who in my mind, is emerging as the real Super-Star here, found him by a flower pot at around 1:30 AM, which means this disturbing event occurred sometime during this 2 1/2 hour period (I`m beginning to call it Allenby`s Lost Weekend!). I`m experiencing so much confusion, I don`t hardly know where to begin! 

My intuition is telling me, some of Allenby`s strange tale is true, while other components have been slightly altered or calibrated to compensate for some sort of undetermined sequence of events, falling into his past life; as such, when he says it (whatever that is/was) was like Liam Neeson in Taken, I tend to believe him. On the other hand, when he says he didn`t know his attackers, I get much more skeptical.

Trying to pick this apart, is a bit tricky; even when he said the FBI would get to the bottom of it, he wasn`t really lying, but misinterpreted how law enforcement would handle his case in Hawaii. This is not such a grave error! Photos and moving images of the building Robert was in Friday night, and a Tiki-looking joint, the Amuse Wine Bar, having dinner and drinks with his caddie, Mick Middlemo and a friend, Anthony Puntoriero, appear very slick and upscale to me. 

This judgement tends to make you think this kind of thing (kidnapping, beating, and robbery) is not where something like this would happen. Had the culprits been stalking him since he left the Sony Open, after missing the cut earlier in the day on Friday (1/16/2015)? How`d they know he had a lot of dough on him? 

Most of all, I wonder how these criminals managed to slip a lethal Micky-Fin into his glass of wine? Wouldn`t a bartender or one of his friends have to be in on this conspiracy? Didn`t the Micky kick in during the time he was in the restroom? Therefore, Bob must have swallowed it just a few minutes before, which would put the time at 10:45 PM, or so. 

Why did his friends exit on the lift prematurely, assuming he could meet them after exiting the BR? Is this how the set-up worked (more complicated than a Mission Impossible episode, don`t you think?)? Did they beat him up before they stashed him in the boot? Where were his friends just at that moment? Away in their cars?

How do you think Golf-Pro Robert Allenby sustained his facial wounds, when you stare at pics of his pummeled, bloodied face? Do you believe a weapon was used, such as a blackjack or maybe brass-knuckles? Or did some meathead punch his lights out with bare fists?

A third scenario might be, he simply fell over and hit his head on a concrete abutment of sorts (he could have fallen several times), seeing how he was down for the count on this mysterious Mickey-Fin, we`ve been hearing so much about (is it real?). Okay, so surveillance footage does prove the part about catching the lift (right next to the Mens Room), then hooking up with two men and a woman; although, the part about getting stuffed in a car boot (trunk) could use some fleshing out. 

Apparently, the two men tried to use Allenby`s CC to purchase wine, after the caper; I wonder why they did something this reckless, after their initial plan went off without a hitch? Law enforcement has several images now, with which to catch `em! And are there any flaws in Charade Keane`s version? For me, Charade comes off as quite eloquent and truthful; never seen such a debonair homeless person in my entire life! 

Why in the world would RA pay some homeless dorks $500 to retrieve his stolen items? How could they find these mysterious culprits, unless they knew who they were? And when will we hear the caddie, Mick Middlemo and (an Australian friend), Anthony Puntoriero`s complete account (written would be better)? Do they jive with RA`s? Was this a well-orchestrated shakedown? 

Did Allenby owe somebody (not so nice) any money (just askin`)? Is he a gambler? Did he know the threesome, if only casually? Or does his unsettling story fall straight on the up and up, but just so happens, arbitrarily, exactly in this way, with all its eccentricities? Maybe I will see Taken I and II again after all, and see if I can see what Allenby sees *(the actual Backstory)! Perhaps he is better suited as a screenplay writer, than as a Golf Pro!