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Published:January 22nd, 2015 13:34 EST
In a Transient's Murder, Tasha Morrison, What Role Does a Tattered Brown Couch Play?

In a Transient's Murder, Tasha Morrison, What Role Does a Tattered Brown Couch Play?

By John G. Kays

Tasha Morrison, 27, who we sense lived on the margins of society, homeless, and with a lengthy criminal history, was found dead early Monday morning (around 1:30 AM) in a field near Rundberg Lane and I-35, by another homeless person, Kelly Dubose. 

While the local news was quick to point out, the police have been making inroads in this seedy area of Rundberg, reducing crime and improving community relations, still I found this story disturbing.

I have to confess, I lived off of Rundberg, east of I-35, for the second half of the 1990s (1995-1999); while I was aware of its growing deterioration during this time period, I never encountered any problems myself. 

Most of us will brush aside such an account as a normalcy, just life in the big city, and even an expected outcome for a lost soul such as Tasha Morrison. Still, for me, and I might be an exception, the way the known facts or clues were laid out, I immediately sensed there was more here than meets the eye.

A nasty looking, tattered, reddish brown couch; I quickly recognized this as an important clue, key to solving to Tasha`s murder. Her body was found right next to the battered couch. No doubt, it has a backstory of it`s own, filled with intrigue! 

Why was Tasha killed right here by the brown couch? Or was she simply dumped here? How long had she been dead after Kelly Dubose stumbled upon her, fooled into thinking she was still alive? Had Tasha still been engaged in criminal activity? Who killed her? 

Why did they kill her? Was it another homeless person who did this, or was it somebody else, possibly from a more legitimate sector of society? 

Kelly Dubose said he didn`t know her, but other homeless people said they`d seen her around. KVUE listed her previous crimes, but I won`t repeat them here, other than to say, Tasha did one year in jail for sexual assault (this incident occurred on November 26, 2012 at the Budget Inn, 9106 North Interstate 35).

Tasha Morrison didn`t deserve to die in this fashion, so let`s hope APD can get to the bottom of this. I don`t want to move back to my former Rundberg home, but I do wish that this area will see some more improvements.