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Published:January 25th, 2015 11:06 EST

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump: Send in the Clowns!

By Robert Paul Reyes

When asked by ABC News if she`s interested in running for the White House Sarah Palin replied, "of course."

Donald Trump spoke yesterday at the Iowa Freedom Summit, sending a strong signal that he once again wants to be considered as a possible presidential candidate.


Déjà vu all over again!

Every four years Donald Trump declares that he`s considering running for the White House, and he makes a few outrageous comments guaranteed to keep the spotlight focused on him. This is a transparent attempt to court publicity for the sole purpose of propping up his long-running Apprentice franchise. Like Lucy telling hapless Charlie Brown for the umpteenth time that she will hold the football while he kicks it, the press falls for Trump`s charade every time.

Sarah Palin, no slouch at teasing the press, is adept at playing the same cynical game. Palin told the press the other day that she`s seriously considering running for president, but the only thing she`s serious about is keeping her brand alive.

The only real preparation Palin has done is dab on some bright red lipstick and thrown some red meat to the ravenous evangelical hordes.

In the 2014 Todd Palin drunken birthday bloody brawl, where fists flew, beer flowed and epithets filled the air, the Palins revealed to the world their base redneck nature.

Islamic jihadists use Islam as a cover to achieve political ends; Sarah Palin uses evangelical Christianity to achieve her goals of celebrity and wealth.

Shame, I say shame, on evangelicals for supporting a manifestly stupid, arguably slutty, and definitely ignorant politician simply because she`s anti-abortion, against gay and lesbian rights and anti-female rights.

Evangelicals are being played for fools, the same Sarah Palin who quit as governor of Alaska has no stomach for politics and no desire to be president.

Evangelicals need to wake up, smell the damn coffee, read their Bibles, and kick Donald Trump and Sarah Palin to the curb!

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