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Published:January 25th, 2015 11:41 EST

Viral Video: Girl, 12, Loves Driving Big Rigs! Girl Power Up the Wazoo!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Diana Marcela Baquero Avila, 12, has a penchant for wearing pink shoes, but don`t let her girly appearance fool you, this Colombian girl`s passion is driving big rigs.


Diana isn`t letting Columbia`s legal driving age of 16 stop her from getting behind the wheel and piloting the huge machine.

This delightful young girl knows everything about tractor-trailers, everything from driving them to maintaining them.

A few haters have left nasty comments on YouTube, arguing that she`s putting lives in danger by driving the huge trucks. Chill out bi*****, it`s not like she`s driving the trucks for a living, she`s only driven the rigs a couple of times under close supervision.

Her favorite part about driving the big trucks! Honking the horn of course! Get down with girl power and leave a nice message on her YouTube page!


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