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Published:January 26th, 2015 17:48 EST

Alan Ladd's Wife Says Bill Cosby Raped Her

By Robert Paul Reyes

Cindra Ladd, the wife of Hollywood powerhouse Alan Ladd Jr., says Bill Cosby drugged and raped her in 1969.

In an essay for The Huffington Post, posted Monday morning, Ladd described meeting Cosby when she was 21 and working for film producer Ray Stark in New York. Cosby, then married, began hanging out. One night they met at an apartment Cosby said belonged to a friend. Ladd said she had a headache, to which Cosby responded he had a miracle cure, and gave her a capsule. When she asked what it was, she says Cosby responded: Don`t you trust me?"


San Jose Mercury News

When Bill Cosby tells a young attractive woman "Don`t you trust me?" as sure as night follows day she will end up drugged and raped.

By my count this is the gazillioneth and one woman who alleges that Bill Cosby drugged and raped her. At this point if a white woman who was in her late teens or early 20`s in the 60`s claims that Cosby didn`t drug and rape that would be headline news.

By now every woman should realize that Bill Cosby is the antithesis of the kind and compassionate Dr. Cliff Huxtable, and if the perverted comic asks her Don`t your trust me? " she should shoot him in his heart or his groin.

If a white celebrity were accused of drugging, raping and humiliating dozens of black women over decades, he would be treated like a racist leper and he would need an army of bodyguards to protect him. Why do we allow Cosby to get away with murder?

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