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Published:January 27th, 2015 13:05 EST

Fox News: Army to Charge Bowe Bergdahl With Desertion

By Robert Paul Reyes

Fox News and NBC News are reporting that the U.S. Army will charge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion.

At this time, the Department of Defense, the White House and Berghahl`s attorneys have not confirmed or denied this report.


Bergdahl vanished from his outpost in Afghanistan in June 2009, and remained a captive/guest of Taliban until May 2014, when the deserter was exchanged for five hardcore Taliban terrorists who were being held at Gitmo.

You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a military lawyer to discern that Bergdahl abandoned his post in a combat zone, putting his fellow soldiers at risk.

Brave warriors died searching for the cowardly deserter, and Taliban terrorists were set free to secure his release, the only way to make things right is by sentencing Bergdahl to hard labor in a military prison.

We are sorely in need of good news, let`s hope and pray that the Army will indeed charge Bergdahl with desertion.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia