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Published:January 27th, 2015 13:40 EST

Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Fail! LiLo Edited Panties Pic!

By Robert Paul Reyes

A celeb selfie is the epitome of self-obsession, and not to mention awkwardly tacky. A bimbo celeb who takes a selfie in her panties, is taking that tackiness to a new low. A bimbo who posts a photoshopped selfie in her underpants should be set on fire, in the hopes that the smoke rising to the heavens might appease the gods, and convince them not to destroy the Earth.


No music producer or film producer is willing to touch the toxic Lohan with a ten-foot pool, but the pop tart manages to keep busy posting selfies on social media.

LiLo has plenty of free time, she should take a photoshop class at her local community college.

Here`s a link to the Lindsay Lohan selfie, along to a technical explanation why it`s clear it`s been photoshopped:

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