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Published:January 28th, 2015 14:25 EST

GoDaddy's Super Bowl Ad 'Journey Home': Sick, Twisted and Disgusting!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Remember when GoDaddy Super Bowl ads were criticized for being too sexy? Trading scantily-clad women for cute puppies didn`t help any, apparently.


GoDaddy announced Tuesday it would pull its 2015 Super Bowl commercial after being flooded with criticism of the 30-second spot, released online earlier in the day. The controversial clip, called `Journey Home`, featured a lost golden retriever pup returning home to find its owner set up a GoDaddy website to sell the dog.

The punchline was the owner was happy to have the pet back, not to keep it, but so they could complete the sale."


GoDaddy has pulled the ad, and it won`t be shown during the Super Bowl, but the damage has been done.

GoDaddy can get away with their ads that reduce women to body parts, but they won`t get away with their anti-dog ad.

I don`t find any humor in a commercial that depicts a puppy as a commodity to be sold for profit. A puppy is a loyal companion that will bring you a lifetime of joy.

This is hands down the most revolting and sickening ad I have ever seen, and as a dog lover I am now on a mission from God to destroy GoDaddy.

This article contains the vile ad:

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