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Published:January 28th, 2015 11:44 EST
San Marcos Homicide Part II: Cyrus Louis Amaya Did It! Still, Why At the Townswood Apts?

San Marcos Homicide Part II: Cyrus Louis Amaya Did It! Still, Why At the Townswood Apts?

By John G. Kays

I was very glad to hear that the first San Marcos homicide of the new year, occurring at an unlikely location, the Townwood Apartments (500 [520, actually] block of lightly trodden street, Linda Drive), at an ungodly time of night (around 11 PM on January 12th - which just so happened to be a Monday), resulting in a gunshot death of mostly a mystery man (to me, at least), 42-year-old Earl Edward Clark III, coupled with the wounding of another young man, 19-year-old Jay Ryan Guerrero, has been (pretty much) solved! 

I should probably add to this convoluted, opening statement, the location where the older man and younger man were shot, was in the common grounds of this ordinary-looking complex; this struck me as odd at the time, since I didn`t have enough information that might explain the unusual spot to shoot a couple guys.

When I heard the ghastly news, I wildly speculated, the killer(s) probably chased the two men into the Townwood Apartments, intent on snuffing them; the escape spot was arbitrary and random, a plan hatched out of desperation, I further reasoned! I sensed this was drug deal gone WAY SOUTH, so I did end up getting part of it right, while missing the choice of Townwood for the occasion (whatever that means!).

That is, now we know for sure that the three men were engaged in some kind of drug deal that night; the way I`m understanding it, it was Clark and Guerrero, faring from San Antonio, who provided the contraband (don`t know what kind of drugs it was), so, therefore, it must have been Cyrus Louis Amaya, 21, who was going to shell out the dough for the dope

As it turned out, this PUNK, who committed suicide on Friday at his Lockhart home, since he was about to get busted, decided he`d just shoot the two men, then he could keep both the dope and the money. The only problem is, Jay Guerrero survived his wounds; he`s even out of the hospital now! 

When reading between the lines, I surmise it was Guerrero who clued the police in on who did it. Yea, I know, Jay must`ve RATTED on the Two-Faced-Janice of a curmudgeon, Cyrus Amaya; but this is perfectly okay, since Amaya was a no good for nothing punk of a scumbag, a thief and a killer, to boot! 

As for the moral characters of Clark and Guerrero (if there is any), I can`t say too much, other than, theirs is a few notches up, in terms of soundness, on Amaya. My problem is, I can`t get much insight into this drug deal, that went so terribly sour.

Why, for example, did this disjointed threesome decide to do the deal in the parking lot of Townwood? Had there been prior deals done there? How did Cyrus meet Earl and Jay? For that matter, how or why did Earl and Jay get together in the first place (partnering in illicit business doings)? 

Is there yet a 4th party involved, tying these 3 together? How about a resident of Townwood? This would explain the rendezvous at this weird location! In other words, who were these minor players working for? Who is a bigger fish to catch? 

Is that all there is? I will say, I did attempt to probe the biography of EEC III, because I was very curious. No photos of Earl were provided (by any local news services), nor was there any mention of his life in San Antonio, such as where has he been employed? Where did he go to school? What`s his family life like? Does he have any priors? 

I did receive a few emails from a guy (will honor his privacy) who went to school with Earl, and he was just as baffled as I have been. He even mentioned, he thought Clark was a nice guy. 

All I can think, is, when people get desperate for money, they`ll sometimes turn to selling drugs, since this can be a lucrative enterprise. Just look at Walter White in Breaking Bad, if you`d care to understand where I`m coming from! Still, BB doesn`t cast too much light on this first homicide of 2015 for San Marcos; my work is incomplete, I must admit.