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Published:January 29th, 2015 13:44 EST
'We Are The World' Turns 30! A Bland Feeling of Mediocrity Returns, But What The Heck!

'We Are The World' Turns 30! A Bland Feeling of Mediocrity Returns, But What The Heck!

By John G. Kays

I enjoyed riding the time machine this morning, back to January 28, 1985 (or 30 years ago as of yesterday), when We Are The World (written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson) was recorded, which includes a video of dozens of Mega-Superstars coming together (as ONE) to produce a pop-hit piece, that would help to fund starving people in Africa (mainly Ethiopia). Okay, the YouTube video is looking a little faded these days, but it`s all still there, just as I remembered it. 

Let me get this out of the way first; the documentation is copious for the song on the internet, so go ahead and indulge yourself until you pass out, `cuz I`m not going to parrot that bundle of trivia here, that`s too boring. I went through some of it this stuff this morning, since I couldn`t hardly remember the names of some of the recording artists. I don`t have Alzheimer`s just yet, so don`t go there! 

Hell, some of these musicians were really big back in 1985, but now you don`t hear a whole heck of a lot about them anymore. Well, many are deceased now, but there memory yet endures. Three come to mind: Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, and Waylon Jennings. 

This is difficult to mention, but I have to confess, I never was just too terribly blown away by the song; I felt this way in 1985 and the bland feeling of mediocrity revisited me just a few hours ago, when I spun the record for the umteenth millionth time! Although, what makes it cool is just seeing all these Rock Stars working together in one recording studio!

Who`s my favorite on the record, that some believe has stood the test of time (and has sold more than 20 million copies)? I think it`s a tie between Paul Simon and Bob Dylan; I can`t tell you exactly why I feel that way. I may just naturally like those artists better anyhow. Most will probably say Bruce Springsteen, which is okay by me, but I don`t quite see The Boss holding the throne. 

While I don`t feel that strongly about it, my least favorite is/was probably Steve Perry. As for Huey Lewis or Kim Carnes, I couldn`t hardly remember who they were, until looking over some documentation. It even took me a while to remember who Kenny Loggins was! I recognized Cyndi Lauper, but man, some of these musicians were One Hit Wonders

I`ll cool it, but guys like Kenny Rogers are has-beens, although they`re still doing a few  lame television ads. They`re still here and working, at least, unlike Michael Jackson, who wasted himself out on prescription drugs. I didn`t get very excited, but it was nice to see the video again; really, it serves other purposes. 

It comes right at the midpoint of the 1980s, so a great deal of memories have been flooding through my psyche (I was 32 when IT was released)! This is Throw-Back Thursday to boot, so the timing is right on the Magic Time Machine of Mildewed Pop-Nostalgia! Got some chores to attend to, so I bid you adieu!