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Published:February 2nd, 2015 21:36 EST
How Defrag Works

How Defrag Works

By Keith Johnson

How Defrag Works

The term "defrag" refers to the process of "defragmentation" of a computer hard drive. There are three major steps a "defrag" software program undertakes to accomplish this task. 

One. The program scans the disk to assess all major data and file sectors and clusters. Usually, this is spread-about all across the disk. 

Two. The program decides the best way to re-unite fragments from these sections scattered around the disk. 

Three. The program goes through the disk, sector by sector, and slowly reunites files and data blocks with one another in an orderly fashion. What this does is restores access speed to the disk. So, when you look for a file or save, the overall performance of your system will be faster. This is how you know you have a good defrag program on your computer. 

Best Regards,

Keith Charles Johnson, MBA, MS Education
Senior Technical Writer and Author
The Google Productivity Guide