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Published:February 3rd, 2015 12:17 EST

Chic to Release New Album! Good Times Are Eternal!

By Robert Paul Reyes

In an article I posted yesterday "Nile Rodgers & Chic Sign New Deal! Good Times Are Here Again?" I wrote:  


Can Nile Rodgers recreate the good times of Chic in their heyday in the 1970`s? The female members of Chic were hot chicks in the 70`s, but today they`re old hens. Nile Rogers is a bit long in the tooth, and he just can`t cut it today`s youth-oriented pop world.

In 1979 when Chic released their classic "Good Times", the members of Chic were young, I was young and optimistic, and I thought the good times would last forever.

I`m now an old man, but the halcyon days of my youth linger on in my memories, where the disco ball still shines as bright as the sun, as the female members of Chic are still hotter than July.

Time has taken its toll on my body and mind, cynicism is my default mode, and I tend to make snarky comments like the one about the lovely ladies of Chic.

What I seem to have forgotten is that Chic was a supremely talented group, and their good looks was just gravy on top of musical brilliance.

Folami, one of the eternally young-looking ladies of Chic took exception to my thoughtless comment and sent me the following tweet and pic:

Hi @robertpaulreyes, I am one of the "old hens" that sings with Chic and Nile Rodgers

My bad, you are still gorgeous! The ladies of Chic are immune to the ravages of old age, and their music is timeless.

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