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Published:February 3rd, 2015 18:17 EST

Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin Mimics Pooping During Super Bowl Touchdown Celebration

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin is staying tight-lipped about his end zone celebration following a touchdown catch in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday.


After the former Stanford University wideout caught a touchdown pass in the third quarter against the New England Patriots, he stood over the ball on the ground and made a motion that resembled pulling down his pants, before squatting over the ball. "

CBS News

The Super Bowl audience wasn`t subjected to Baldwin`s depraved touchdown celebration, NBC cut away from Baldwin as he began his pants-pulling motion. Baldwin`s sickening display earned Seattle a penalty flag for excessive celebration, but in my humble opinion he should have been ejected from the game.

Only a sick fu** would mimic taking a crap as a form of celebrating a touchdown, Baldwin is an embarrassment to the Seattle Seahawks, and the NFL.

The American public didn`t need Baldwin`s visual aid, we already knew he was full of crap. Baldwin is ratchet to the core.

I bet Baldwin soiled his pants for real when Butler made his fantastic interception to clinch the title for the New England Patriots.

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