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Published:February 6th, 2015 10:55 EST

Ferguson Police to Test Non-Lethal Weapon! The World Has Officially Gone Nuts!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In the wake of the backlash over Michael Brown`s death, Ferguson police are testing less-than-lethal devices that will fit on their handguns and transfer energy from a normally lethal bullet to a slower moving, larger ball that will hurt but not kill suspects.


Called the The Alternative, Ferguson assistant police chief Al Eickhoff found the device by doing an Internet search for less-lethal options.

According to The Washington Post, The Alternative positions a ping-pong size orange ball just in front of the end of a handgun`s barrel. When an officer fires the gun, the bullet lodges in the ball and launches it at the suspect, moving fast enough to knock the suspect down, but not kill him or her."


Welcome to the madhouse, it`s now politically-incorrect to kill criminals, even when they lunge for an officer`s gun.

If Michael Brown had been struck with one of these orange Ping-Pong balls he might still be alive, and committing strong-arm robberies, although by now he would probably have graduated to armed robbery.

Our Special Forces fighting Islamic terrorists should be outfitted with these non-lethal bullets; after all we don`t want to unnecessarily antagonize our Jihadist brothers.

Let`s not draw the wrong conclusions from the death of Michael Brown, the moral imperative of police should be to protect the public, attempting to bring down the death toll of criminals is bizarre, and counter-productive. 

Criminals are cognizant that they have undertaken a very dangerous lifestyle, and a community should breathe a sigh of relief when a thug is killed while attacking a peace officer.

Things have reached such an absurd level of political-correctness that I have to point out the obvious: It`s a good thing when thugs are killed when they are engaged in thuggish behavior.

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