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Published:February 8th, 2015 10:25 EST

Female Mugger Sprays Man With Pepper Spray

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Charlotte Mecklenburg Police said a woman attacked a man with pepper spray outside his condominium on Fairview Road and demanded money from him on Tuesday.

Michael Wilson, 30, said the woman hit his pocket where he had the money and told him she would cause a scene if he did not give it to her.

When the woman did not get her money right away, she pulled pepper spray from her purse and sprayed him. Wilson tore the pepper spray from the woman`s hand and sprayed her. The woman then ran away."



Pepper spray is generally considered a defensive weapon, but a female mugger sprayed a victim with pepper spray in an attempt to make him cough up his money.

According to the victim the woman is over 6-foot and heavyset, she made an imposing and intimidating figure, even without the pepper spray.

Wilson grabbed the pepper spray from the woman and sprayed her, and she took off running.

Is this a case of karma or an example of being hoisted by one`s own petard?

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