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Published:February 8th, 2015 10:56 EST

South Korean Cafe Features Two Live Sheep

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The owner of a South Korean cafe where diners hang out with live sheep said business has been booming with the coming of the Year of the Sheep.


Lee Kwang-ho, owner of the Thanks to Nature Cafe in Seoul, said his two sheep moved into the cafe as a draw for customers about three years ago, but their popularity has recently spiked as a result of the Chinese calendar`s upcoming Zodiac Year of the Sheep."


This South Korean café features two live sheep and probably more than one dead dog as the main course.

Sheep are cute and cuddly, and I don`t mind feeding them at a petting zoo. But sheep poop with abandon, and I sure as hell wouldn`t want to see them in a restaurant.

Sheep in a restaurant is a baaah baaah bad idea!

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