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Published:February 10th, 2015 13:10 EST
Who`s Behind the Montclair, Ca. Execution-Style Shooting of Two Hispanic Men? Why?

Who`s Behind the Montclair, Ca. Execution-Style Shooting of Two Hispanic Men? Why?

By John G. Kays

Drugs? Montclair, California? Where`s that? Okay, thanks Google Maps! Got it! My, how the LA area is a tangled web of subsidiary towns; I`m a Texan, so you`ll have to excuse my ignorance on these matters of Southern California geography (I suspect, even native Californians experience confusion sometimes). 

Yet, what`s this about? Two Hispanic men in their 30s, duct-taped in an auto-garage, shot execution-style, around 6:30 PM, Sunday evening (in the 11000 block of Monte Vista Avenue), with the suspects fleeing in a dark car. An unexplained sidebar projects a scenario of another victim, who wasn`t killed, but sustained a wound to the neck, bolting out of there quick as lightning, still wearing some handcuffs! What`s behind this? Was he escaping his killers, or should we add to this, avoiding the police? (LA Times)

When viewing news footage, one sees this business complex surrounded by, or smothered (engulfed) in trees; I don`t know just why I`m mentioning this random observation, but it says something to me. It made me raise my eyebrows just a wee bit and caused me to slightly itch with suspicion. Naturally, I wondered whether the garage was only used for repairing cars, or whether there were alternative operations in the works here. 

And then we see footage of a very worried sister (Yalile Padilla) of one of the shop employees, who never made it home Sunday night. Yalile`s brother is likely one of the victims; adding to these concerns, is the Hispanic worker`s wife, Liliana Gomez, appearing at the crime scene, along with her sister-in-law. Furthermore, a number of witnesses, neighbors who had heard the gunshots in the night, were clueless as to a reason why this happened, even feeling fear (understandable), which made them want to distance themselves from this shocking incident. 

This sequence of reactions, captured organically by frank news` cameras, makes me wonder whether the victims were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or whether they were part of some sort of caper (a wider conspiracy), that for some reason, went in the wrong direction. (For me) knowing one of the victims hightailed it out of there (this woody, isolated, industrial garage complex), I`m leaning towards the latter theory.

At this point, I`m in the dark; and so far, it looks like the same goes for the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, as far as accurately assessing what went down here. You may have observed, just like me, that the job comes off looking like it was professionals at work. 

I mean what with the duct tape and all, and callousness of conduction at the crime scene (it has the earmarks of professionals). Is it too much of a stretch to think maybe Mexican cartels are behind this? This speculation is premature, I realize, but the nature of these execution-style killings beg the question of Organized Criminal behavior involvement, don`t you think?