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Published:February 11th, 2015 15:39 EST

Hero Dog Thwarts Gas Station Robbery, Bites Robber in Face!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police are looking for a man who held up Holly`s Gas at gunpoint on Monday night.

Not only did the suspect not get any money, he was bitten on each side of his face by an employee`s dog, according to Saco Deputy Chief Jeffrey Holland.


The man, who was wearing a Navy blue Gap sweatshirt, black pants, grey and black gloves, a black winter hat and a dark green mask over his face, entered the store, threatened an employee with a gun and demanded cash, according to Holland."

Bangor Daily News

Every day is " Bring Your Dog to Work Day" for the clerk at Holly`s Gas, if I worked at a convenience store I would quit if the manager didn`t let me bring my gun or my pooch to work.

The clerk refused to hand over the money, and the loyal pooch bit the armed robber on each side of his face.

The clerk should be recognized as the " Employee of the Month", and the dog should be allowed to eat all the Slim Jims in the store.

Dog bites man isn`t a news story, but dog thwarts armed robbery by biting robber on each side of his face is a heartwarming story guaranteed to elicit smiles.

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