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Published:February 13th, 2015 12:07 EST
Who Killed Kyle Police Counselor, Samantha Dean? Why`d They Do It?

Who Killed Kyle Police Counselor, Samantha Dean? Why`d They Do It?

By John G. Kays

Just now looking into the 3-D Kaleidoscope of Samantha Dean`s homicide; not so sure what I`m seeing, but, nonetheless it`s most interesting! Let me include her job title, before I forget: Kyle Police Department Victim Services Coordinator (KXAN).

Okay, so I can`t exactly give you an accurate description of her job, but it looks like it might be something like a combination of a social worker and a police person. My understanding is, Samantha Dean created or customized this position herself (this requires further probing). 

Another ambiguous and controversial item I`m gleaning (hazily), in this figurative Kaleidoscope of mine, is something about a scream a witness heard at 1 AM on February 4th, in the vicinity of where Samantha Dean`s body was discovered (near some dumpsters, in a parking lot at 118 Stephen F. Austin Blvd, in Cedar Creek - AAS). 

Samantha was found lying dead by her Dodge Charger; in the same breath, I didn`t hear mention of the witness hearing any gunshots. In other words, perhaps another witness came upon the body, then screamed; once they saw the situation, they split, creeped out as they must`ve been by being the first one on the scene (they could be implicated, so they bolted out of there quick as lightening)

This is probably how I`d react too (Phillip Marlowe always reacted this way). So here`s the conundrum (amongst many others): was the crime scene fixed to look this way? Was Samantha shot at a different location? How about her home in Southeast Austin? Was she killed on February 4th or was it actually on February 3rd (which just so happens to be my birthday)? Why leave her Charger door ajar?

An even creepier thought is, possibly the murderer was the one who did the screaming, so that someone would come over and discover the horrible scene. As such, we can`t help but wonder whether this witness thought it was a woman or a man that did the screaming; it makes a big difference. 

Then, it`s been reported, it looks as if the backseats of her very dark grey Dodge Charger (I saw it getting towed on news footage and that looked to me like the color) were taken out. Why would the seats be removed? One theory might be, in order to transport the body easier; this seems a little crazy to me, but you never know! 

An autopsy shows, Samantha was shot three times in the head (one at close range and two just a bit further away), with a small caliber handgun. The murder weapon has not been retrieved.This is hard to say, but whoever killed her, wrapped her head in a plastic bag. Was this done just so blood wouldn`t drip? 

This fact alone, to me, and I`m no profiler, says a great deal about the perpetrator. The callousness and forethought, and an eye for detail (or thoroughness) of this killer is a no brainer! An extension to this notion is a highly noticeable presence of premeditation for this individual, a criminal I might add. 

Did I forget to mention, 29 year-old Samantha Dean was 7 months pregnant with a girl who she would name Madeline. One can`t help but connect her pregnancy with her death; if I could separate them, I`d do so, but I can`t! 

And then things get even murkier, and quite a bit darker when one factors in these scattered police jurisdictions, along with the knowledge of Samantha moving around between these police departments, for various reasons. Three different law enforcements jurisdictions? 

Yes indeed! : Bastrop, Hays, and Travis counties; deciphering this is mainly the job of detectives, but you and I can`t help but make attempts to sort this out, or better, untangle this mess. 

A simple breakdown: Bastrop: where her body was found, staged or unstaged?; Hayes: where she worked, which was the small city of Kyle; and finally, Travis: where she lived. Included in Travis is, apparently, Samantha worked with the Austin Police Department some too, and was seeing an officer who worked for APD. 

This APD officer has been placed on leave, pending tests that he may be the father of Dean`s unborn girl. I can`t shed anymore light on this strange development, other than to state an itching suspicion of mine: he may turn into a suspect as well (perhaps NOT also). If it turns out that Samantha Dean`s killer was/is a police officer, it will be a tremendous blow to the Central Texas community!