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Published:February 17th, 2015 15:33 EST

Joe Biden Gets Creepy! I Mean Really Really Creepy! Shocking Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tuesday, at Defense Sec. Ash Carter`s swearing-in ceremony, Biden got all touchy feely with Carter`s wife, Stephanie. From the pictures, it looks like he`s whispering sweet nothings into her right ear. He`s also getting a good whiff of her shampoo."


The Daily Caller

Every family has a creepy uncle who acts inappropriately at family gatherings and social occasions. He will toss an infant up and down, kiss every female child, pinch every woman`s behind, and tell off-color jokes with gusto.

Joe Biden is the nation`s creepy uncle; unfortunately he`s also the Vice-President of the United States. Even though Obama is corrupt, ineffectual, duplicitous, and he wasn`t even born in this country, I pray that nothing happens to him, because Joe Biden as president is a thought I don`t want to contemplate, not even for a second.

God only knows what Joe Biden was whispering to Ash Carter`s wife. I can only imagine that when the poor woman got home, she shampooed her hair, and made an appointment with a shrink.

Let`s keep Ash Carter and his wife in our thoughts and prayers!

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