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Published:February 17th, 2015 10:20 EST
Why Did Samantha Dean`s Killer Choose the Shoppes at Colony Village in Bastrop?

Why Did Samantha Dean`s Killer Choose the Shoppes at Colony Village in Bastrop?

By John G. Kays

Instead of having a better sense as to the reasons why Kyle Police Dept Victim Services Coordinator Samantha Dean was murdered, who may have done it, their motive, reasons behind their method, (suspected of) moving her from an undisclosed location (the original crime scene); as such, I`m more in the dark today than I was last Friday (Feb 13th)! 

Okay, so a few bits and pieces of information have trickled in since then; what I have learned, nonetheless, has gone against the grain more, of where my thoughts or suspicions have trended (in say the last 72 hours). If these sentences come off as muffled or confused, that`s because that`s where they lie (X marks the spot, Mate!)

One observation, however, is spot-on, I can utter with confidence! Her killer went to a great deal of trouble to cover-up her homicide, staging a scene by this dumpster in this obscure Bastrop shopping center, Shoppes at Colony Village. Why did her killer decide to take her there? 

Had this been the plan all along, or was this just a quick flash, maybe remembering a visit here on a different occasion? Why was her Dodge Charger door left ajar? Why was the backseat removed (most likely at the original crime scene)

Who screamed that night? Another observation I`m able to deduce confidently, is, her killer had to have driven the dark grey-ish Dodge Charger to this Colony Village location, then after setting up this awful scene, had to walk away, briskly, mind you! 

Maybe they called a cab, but I doubt it, since this would tie them to the crime scene. As such, they must have just taken a long walk (as long as Reese Witherspoon`s), getting away from there as quickly as possible!

It would probably do me some good to drive out to Bastrop to take a look at this little shopping center; placing myself in this physical location would give me a better sense of it. I repeat, why did Samantha Dean`s killer choose this particular spot? Was he already most familiar with this area? In the past, had he ever lived in these parts? 

I`m also trying to digest the trickle of information we`ve been given on Austin Police Officer VonTrey Clark; this info hasn`t helped matters much, I have to tell you. He claims he just saw Samantha socially, not romantically. Why did APD pull him off of duty? 

Clark`s attorney, Bristol Myers, stated he`s not really being investigated; however, other officers may be. Was Samantha seeing another officer with Austin, other than VonTrey Clark? This is part of the reason why I`m so confused, and I sense, APD`s rash decisions may be behind my quandary! 

As I wait patiently for some of this to clear up, I guess I better plan on taking a drive out to Bastrop to see for myself. There may be a bit more behind these doings then originally thought.