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Published:February 18th, 2015 12:18 EST

Beagle Miss P Wins Westminster Dog Show! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Beagledom, rejoice! Miss P, a 15-inch beagle from British Columbia, took Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show on Tuesday evening. That`s the highest honor in the dog world. It`s like winning the canine Super Bowl, World Series, and Wimbledon all in one."


Christian Science Monitor

Miss P, an unfortunate moniker for a pooch, took Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show, and now that she has reached the pinnacle of the dog world, she has retired. But don`t worry; she will make the rounds of the rounds of all the morning talk shows.

Miss P has conquered the world of dog competition, but can she conquer the world of merchandizing? That remains to be seen, would parents buy a stuffed Miss P toy, when it reminds them of a dog with a leaky bladder.

I`m afraid that Miss P will always play second fiddle to the most famous beagle in the world, Snoopy. Fifteen years after the death of Charles M. Schulz, you will still find Snoopy toys at any department store.

Congratulations to Miss P, every dog has his day, and today she`s the top dog in the world.

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