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Published:February 19th, 2015 11:47 EST

Brian Williams a Disgrace and He Must Never Be Allowed to Return to TV!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Girls star Allison Williams assured viewers on Wednesday that her dad, disgraced news anchor Brian Williams is a trustworthy man.


The actress, 26, defended her father, who was suspended from NBC`s Nightly News after he recanted a story that his helicopter was hit when he was in Iraq in 2003, claiming he is "an honest man, a truthful man,` during a Q&A with Seth Meyers at 92Y about her acting career. "


I can understand Allison Williams vouching for the veracity of her father, but is anyone who isn`t related to Brian Williams defending him?

Brian Williams didn`t misremember the truth, he obliterated the truth and he must never be allowed to return to NBC or anywhere else on network or cable news.

Williams is an Internet meme, a disgrace, a loathsome creature, and I hope he never surfaces again. I don`t want to see him cry on Oprah, explain himself on Letterman, or slow jam the news on Fallon. I don`t want to see him on TV again, period!

Williams is dead to me, and he should be dead to everyone who values truth, justice and the American Way.

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