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Published:February 19th, 2015 09:54 EST
Details of Katie Eager`s Confusing Homicide in Cedar Park Slowly Emerge!

Details of Katie Eager`s Confusing Homicide in Cedar Park Slowly Emerge!

By John G. Kays

When the story of a homicide in Cedar Park begins emerging Tuesday evening, the only news I could get my hands on was a very sketchy sense that a young woman there had been killed, at an apartment complex, I found out, by the name of Lodge at Lakeline Village. 

Okay, so I also swiftly checked out the geography of this rather generic looking complex, which is in the 2000 block of S. Lakeline Blvd; so I took gander at this spot on a Google map provided online, just so I was clear about where the murder took place, even though I wasn`t provided with any other important details. 

A news anchor mentioned that Cedar Park has a very low homicide rate, and this fact seemed to accent all the more the realization, a most distinguished tale is contained in these salient facts of a woman`s death! 

Yesterday, the picture starts to fill in or clear up considerably; we learn the woman`s name is Katie Eager and she is only 24-years-old, and furthermore, she works at the Alamo Drafthouse in Cedar Park, where she was just promoted to manager *(this part requires further investigating). 

I`m needing to back up for a moment; initially, we heard it was her boyfriend who had found her in this horrible scene and who called 911. Tuesday night, the police didn`t come off like they were suspicious of the boyfriend, but suddenly then did a 180 backflip yesterday, when they arrested Adam Richard Solis in San Antonio (apparently, he went to his family`s home there right after the murder of Katie)!

Yesterday saw quite a few other developments as well; particularly, Adam Solis` statement on his Facebook account caused me to turn my head back and forth a time or two, and to issue forth a low moan, or perhaps it was a groan, I can`t quite tell you with any clarity! 

I suspect you had a similar reaction; one line he penned really got to me: I would also like to express how much hate I have for the neighbors who heard but didn`t call 911. Wow, this implies a truck-load of stuff, don`t you think? 

For me, it says Adam could`ve brought a little more distance for himself, from the horrifying crime (he committed), if these neighbors had done the dirty work of calling the cops. This way, he`d have been out of Dodge as the cops processed this petrifying murder scene (in some rather ordinary apartments)

Okay, now I see why he hates these people! They wouldn`t allow him to solidify his alibi; of course, his startling post on FB is nothing short of a confession or an admission of guilt, when you read between the lines. 

Still, after all is said or done, I believe that this one and the same issue, of these neighbors, the only witnesses we have in Katie Eager`s murder, represent the most interesting angle in this case. Could they`ve made a difference in the outcome, if they had chosen to react, perhaps more proactively?

Let me just say, when one looks at a photo of Katie and Adam together, they would never suspect he would turn into a murderer! Adam doesn`t look just all that mean, but a neighbor`s (Noemi Camero) daughter heard a man`s voice screaming really loud at just after 10 PM, Monday night (2/16/`15), then shortly afterwards, it unexpectedly goes quiet. 

I suspect Adam scrammed out of there very quickly and quietly, toting the murder weapon along, after he put together what he had just done. He was driven by passion and a gun just so happened to be close by, just as he was burning up with rage! The neighbors caught a small piece of this and it must have shocked them. 

I would probably react the same way, especially if I lived at these generic units, the Lodge at Lakeline Village; the denial that anything significant went down gives the appearance of normalcy to me. 

I don`t blame the neighbors one iota, who were just minding their own business, even if we might mention there`s a small touch of Kitty Genovese to how they reacted, fearful that something worse actually happened, but wishing it was mainly benign, nothing really. Such is the conundrum of sudden, violent death in the Big City (no, that`s wrong)...