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Published:February 23rd, 2015 15:20 EST

Mayor Rudy Giuliani is Right! Obama Doesn't Love America! CJ Pearson Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"President Obama may enjoy the approval of 84% of blacks, but don`t count CJ Pearson among them.


Pearson, a 12-year-old middle school student in Georgia, has more informed opinions than many adults.

The student posted a YouTube video yesterday in which he seeks to applaud Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his comments about President Barack Obama."

The American Mirror

America`s Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke truth to power when he declared in no uncertain terms that Obama doesn`t love his country.

It wasn`t latent racism or myopic partisanship that compelled Giuliani to utter his controversial declarative statement, put a patriotic love for America.

The Mayor had enough of Obama appeasing our implacable foes, and apologizing for America`s exceptionalism.

Obama doesn`t love America, and he doesn`t hate our fundamentalist Islamic enemies who are on a jihad to destroy our way of life, and that`s a prescription for disaster.

My trademark is minimalism, so let me end my thoughts at this point. Here`s a 12-year-old boy who`s more eloquent and passionate than I am, as he argues that Obama doesn`t love America.

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