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Published:February 26th, 2015 14:41 EST

Road Rage Mom II: Was Tammy Meyers Purchasing Drugs from this Baby-Face Punk, Erich Nowsch?

By John G. Kays

I thought I was done with this `Las Vegas Road Rage Incident,` that resulted in the troubling death of Tammy Meyers, by a punk curmudgeon, Erich Nowsch. NOT! 

I discovered some fresh news this morning via the Daily Mail and CNN, that flipped me over and tossed me around forcefully (like spin-drying clothes), as far as what I thought I knew about this case! 

The first piece of business I felt like I had to take care of, was to discard the phrase  `Road Rage` once and for all; it`s not a proper fit for this case. Instead, what we see emerging is an entirely different scenario! I`m hoping the Daily Mail`s sources are correct, but now it`s looks like Tammy Meyers may`ve been purchasing drugs from Erich Nowsch at a local park, Ansan Sister City Park. 

I`m convinced this is accurate, since neighbors had observed some of these drug transactions, perhaps on more than one occasion. Hopefully, with a little more probing from canny reporters, we`ll get firmer confirmation of these startling new development. What type of drugs was she buying? 

DM says Xanax and CNN heard marijuana (likely both), apparently the drug most cherished by Erich Nowsch! Of course, we wonder whether the actual shooting itself factors in drugs (citing either purchase or usage for causation)? We haven`t gone all the way down that road just yet (but we`re getting there)!

The other part of this rapidly evolving story, has to do with how much Erich Nowsch has changed over the past few years. An unnamed friend (Daily Mail) says he was always getting bullied and robbed a few years ago; now, it looks like he`s the one doing the bullying. 

This friend saw the gun (don`t yet know the type of firearm) he used to shoot Tammy Meyers, just a few weeks before the incident (which we`re still not one hundred percent clear on - now we`re even hearing the son, Robert Meyers, who was packing a Beretta, may have been the first one to begin shooting)

My take on the scant bit of new evidence provided, is, Erich Nowsch was transforming rapidly into a Street Punk; there`s further evidence also of thuggish behavior manifested with a neighbor of the Meyers, Robert Selig. It sounds as if Robert Selig can add a great deal to this narrative, which is already growing faster than the Beanstalk (of Jack`s), so we hope to hear more of what he knows. 

And then there`s the Alta Block Gang; was Erich a member? What`s there MO? I mean, how did they conduct their day to day business? Were the Meyers` privy to their doings? We`re far from done here, so bear with me (no Yellow Brick Road, that`s for sure), for a while more!