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Published:February 27th, 2015 10:56 EST

Llama Drama Up The Wazoo! Video! Now That's Entertainment!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A pair of escaped llamas spent their afternoon frolicking on the lam.

The inseparable black-and-white partners in crime blazed through streets and neighborhoods, fleeing a show-and-tell presentation only to find a tough life on the streets of Sun City, Ariz.


The duo were later revealed to be a llama mama and her baby, known as Lainey."

The New York Daily News

Yesterday was one of those days that change the course of history; those who weren`t debating the color of The Dress ( were following the llama drama saga live on cable news.

The entire drama lasted for over two hours after the rebellious llamas bolted from a gig at an assisted-living facility, and it included repeated ridiculous rescue attempts captured by a TV news helicopter. This was the Keystone Kops on steroids or dope, of course Fox News offered its viewers saturation news coverage, but even more respectable news outlets like CNBC and CNN covered the story.

The drama ended when a cowboy in a pickup (straight out of central casting) lassoed the llamas.

The llamas serve as therapy animals in nursing homes, but the hapless cops trying to coral the creatures need the services of a therapy cat or dog, anything but a freaking llama.  

I have a feeling we haven`t heard the last of these llamas, don`t be surprised if the National Geographic channel or some other cable channel produces a reality series starring the loveable animals.

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