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Published:February 27th, 2015 12:32 EST

Swastikas On a Sacramento Home? Black Wooden Figurine? Christmas Lights? What`s His Statement?

By John G. Kays

What motivated a homeowner in Sacramento, Ca. to display swastikas, in a Middle Eastern context (I`ve never seen it done that way!), openly (publicly) on his house? The unnamed Nazi symbol promoter lives in a middle-class River Park neighborhood; this social context adds to mountains more of mystery, I suppose. 

Obviously, he`s making a statement, but exactly what that is, nobody can tell. I mean, he has Christmas lights strewn on the house and on this primitive wooden statue of a man, with arms reaching for the sky, as if in celebration, or rather, should we interpret this as an expression of consummate despair? 

The festive Xmas lights seem to suggest the happier choice, but oh what a mixed and rancorous metaphor we`re offered! And is the Druid-esque black figurine suppose to represent an oppressed Palestinian? Hard to say. 

Does the eccentric, opinionated homeowner hate Jews? It`s a strong possibility (a certainty rather)! (An added touch of irony) I`m just now reading The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich, by William Shirer; as such, the sight of these swastikas and flagrant, abusive mutation of sacred symbols is striking a sensitive nerve inside of me! 

All of us, especially Sacramento residents, will be grateful when this individual dismantles these cult-like icons of politically and racially inspired hatred! An even crazier possibility for the black figurine is, here we have an Isis Warrior! He looks like one, doesn`t he? Amen.