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Published:February 28th, 2015 11:20 EST

Madonna's Epic Fall: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Here`s what happened: Madonna was belting out `Living for Love` at the Brit Awards in London. It`s a song that coincidentally includes the lyrics lifted me up and watched me stumble, after the heartache I`m gonna carry on.


The plan was for the dancer to pull off the cape, but it was still tied around Madonna`s neck. And down goes Madonna!

If she was in pain, she didn`t show it, getting back to her feet and finishing the number. Carry on, indeed. "


Madonna took an epic fall during her performance at the Brit Awards in London, but the accident had nothing to do with age taking its toll on the pop icon. A cape that was tied too tightly on Madonna`s neck and not her ageing body caused her fall.

Madonna still sells out arenas and stadiums all over the world, but like most legacy artists she just isn`t selling many records. Maybe the publicity generated by her epic fall will spike her album sales.

Madonna didn`t miss a beat, she quickly got back on her feet, and she received an enthusiastic standing ovation. She`s a real trooper!

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