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Published:March 3rd, 2015 14:35 EST

Dude Smokes Weed With Strangers, Gets Clothes Stolen

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 35-year-old California man was robbed of his clothing and valuables after he agreed to smoke marijuana with two men in San Francisco`s Nob Hill neighborhood early Thursday morning, a police spokeswoman said Friday.


Police said the victim took the men up on their offer and walked with them to an apartment, possibly a hotel room, located a couple blocks away in the 2000 block of Polk Street.

Later, the victim got hot and decided to take his jacket and pants off.

When the victim got up to go to the bathroom, the suspects stole his clothing, punched him in the face and took his valuables, including his cellphone and wallet, Gatpandan said."


If two male strangers invite you to their home to smoke weed, warning bells should be ringing. (Especially if you live in San Francisco) They intend to either rob or rape you.

If they turn on the TV and gay porn is playing instead of "The Brady Bunch", get the hell out of there immediately.

The NBC article states that the victim "got hot" and decided to take his jacket and pants off. Hmm, methinks it`s hot as in "hot and bothered."

The victim was robbed of his valuables, and was punched in the face for good measure.

This should be a wakeup call for the victim, whose identity wasn`t released by the police: Dude you need to quit smoking weed, and stop hooking up with strangers.

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