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Published:March 4th, 2015 12:01 EST

Is Bill Cosby The Creepiest Serial Rapist in History?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Bill Cosby accuser has stepped from the shadows and reportedly claims the comedian raped her in 1980 after creepily demanding she style her hair to look like Queen Noor of Jordan while smearing oatmeal on her face.  


He was obsessed with her, the new accuser told BuzzFeed News, referring to the beautiful American who wed King Hussein in 1978.

A former aspiring actress identified only as Patricia, the new accuser said Cosby made his curious coiffing request when he invited her to a taping of a TV show hosted by Dinah Shore."

New York Daily News

Every time I read another article about Cosby raping an aspiring actress, I have an urge to take a shower.

Another former aspiring actress has publicly acknowledged that she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby, her narrative is strikingly similar to the over 40 other women who have accused the disgraced comic of rape: She was drugged and raped ...

If you`ve gotten away with raping scores of women over decades, why change your modus operandi?

But there is a disturbing twist in Patricia`s case: Cosby demanded that she smear oatmeal on her face.

This is the same pervert who demanded that female staffers watch him as he ate curry in the green room. Read my article: Alleged Serial Rapist Bill Cosby is a Curry-Loving Freak

If there`s a God in heaven and a devil in hell, Cosby will rot in hell while a demon is forever giving him an oatmeal enema.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me over 40 times shame on me.

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