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Published:March 6th, 2015 10:46 EST

Ben & Jerry's Considering Marijuana-infused Ice Cream

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ben & Jerry`s founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield indicated they would be open to supporting marijuana ice cream if it becomes legal.


In an interview with HuffPost Live, Cohen and Greenfield didn`t shut down the idea, although they said they didn`t have much control of the company`s day to day operations."


Marijuana-infused ice cream is a marriage made in heaven.

This marvelous idea kills two birds with one stone; you can get high and sate your cravings for munchies at the same time.

Everybody knows that potheads are lazy bastards, there`s no need to make a run to the nearest convenience store for munchies if you are eating marijuana ice cream.

It`s a wonderful world ...

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