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Published:March 7th, 2015 10:05 EST

I'm an American Patriot and I Despise Obama and Admire Putin: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A video going viral in Russia shows a motorist getting a salute from traffic police by showing off the picture of President Vladimir Putin on his hood.


The dashboard camera video, titled "Reaction of the Traffic Police to Putin`s Portrait on a Hood` on YouTube, shows a motorist in Russia driving around with a picture of the country`s leader on his hood."


Dashboard cams and a love and appreciation for President Putin are ubiquitous in Russia. The Russian President has been demonized in America, but Russians love their leader for his courage, patriotism and disdain of the weak and ineffectual Obama.

A Youtube video depicts a Russian patriot driving around with a picture of Putin on his hood, he is saluted by Russian cops, and I`m sure he got plenty of appreciative honks from his fellow drivers.

Can you imagine if an American drove around with a picture of Obama on his hood? The moron`s vehicle would be pelted with eggs, rotten tomatoes and rocks, and the cops would find an excuse to issue him a ticket.

Putin is a patriotic leader who looks out for the interests of Mother Russia, witness his reclaiming Crimea that has historically been a part of Russia.

Obama is an America-hating politician who is constantly apologizing for our country`s exceptionalism, and his default mode is pandering to our Muslim enemies.

Hell Yeah, I admire Putin, and despise Obama!

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