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Published:March 10th, 2015 15:39 EST

Russian Magazine Puts Putin Being Licked by Bear on Cover

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Russian state-owned magazine has put an image of Putin being licked by a bear on its front cover.

The celebratory issue was reportedly printed in honour of International Women`s Day, which was on Sunday.


The new publication - launched by the youth faction of the ruling United Russia party - featured a cover picture of President Vladimir Putin smiling as he is licked by a bear wearing a pink flower behind its ear."

The Independent

We`ve seen photographs of Putin wrestling a bear, but now to commemorate International Women`s Day, a Russian magazine has put an image of Putin being licked by a bear on its cover.

Putin is a man`s man, he is admired my men and loved by women, there couldn`t be a more fitting tribute to International Women`s Day than a depiction of Russia`s beloved leader being licked by a bear with a  pink flower behind its ear. It`s a girl bear, get it!

Putin respects women but he`s far from being pu*** whipped, he jailed those Pussy Riot troublemakers. Men and women respect a strong leader who loves his country, and would do anything to restore pride in his country.

Obama, on the other hand is such an ineffectual and effeminate leader, that I`m surprised an American publication hasn`t put a photograph of a bear with Hillary`s face tinkling on Obama on its cover. 

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