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Published:March 12th, 2015 09:37 EST

Democratic Elite Finally Realizing Hillary Clinton is Damaged Goods

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Senior Democrats are increasingly worried that Hillary Rodham Clinton is not ready to run for president, fearing that the clumsy and insular handling of the nine-day fracas over her private e-mails was a warning sign about the campaign expected to launch next month.


Few Democrats believe that the revelations about her un­or­tho­dox e-mail practices as secretary of state are a substantive issue that would damage Clinton with voters, and many said she performed adequately in a Tuesday news conference defending herself."

Washington Post

It`s conventional wisdom that Hillary Clinton is the inevitable Democratic nominee for President of the United States, after all she has name recognition, a massive war chest, and the support of the Democratic elite.

We only need to look back to 2008 to see how easily conventional wisdom can be overturned and overwhelmed: A relatively unknown senator with a unique name defeated Hillary.

Hillary will never be ready for prime time, her expiration date has passed and she stinks to high heaven. Hillary has more baggage than United Airlines, too many wrinkles to Photoshop, and a philandering husband with too much time on his hands.

After the email debacle senior Democrats are finally waking up, and realizing that Hillary is damaged goods.

A few diehard Hillary supporters say that if Hillary is just a little bit more forthcoming she will be fine, but hoping Hillary will be forthcoming makes as much sense as expecting a prostitute to be a little bit more demure.

There are a hundred and one Democratic candidates more ethical, trustworthy, charismatic, appealing and younger than Hillary; it`s time for a few of them to challenge Hillary for the nomination.

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