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Published:March 12th, 2015 13:21 EST
'Ferguson Trouble' Far From Over! Was it a Lone Nut or a Group Responsible for the Shooting?

'Ferguson Trouble' Far From Over! Was it a Lone Nut or a Group Responsible for the Shooting?

By John G. Kays

After the release of the Department of Justice report on the Ferguson Police Department, basically a riveting indictment, I felt as if the Ferguson Trouble was mostly behind us! I was wrong; upon hearing the shocking news of two officers sustaining gunshot wounds at 2 AM this morning (right in clear sight of the police station), I painfully fathomed it was anything but over with! 

Without troubling a great deal about the profound political, social, and racial ramifications of this double police shooting, I rather honed in on the particulars of the crime, as far as when it happened, where the shots possibly came from, or what eyewitnesses were saying from their point of view, regardless if it was precise or terribly skewed. 

I immediately observed available evidence had its limits, although there was a cell phone video where you could actually hear the shots, about which many are saying were four in number.  This makes me think two shots missed the officers, but I can`t confirm this yet; my real question is, should we assume the gunman was using a rifle? 

A new report from The New York Times says the shots came from on top of hill, about 220 yards away, right across from the police station; I`ve read elsewhere, that people could see the muzzle-flash when the weapon discharged. Although, I`m not very knowledgable about firearms, I would think, when combining together these two pieces of the puzzle, the likelihood of the weapon being a high-powered rifle is over-whelming! 

Moreover, if this deduction is correct, I would further be convinced this was an organized, well-orchestrated assault on the not so popular Ferguson PD. Of course, they`ll have to catch him (or them) before we know for sure who`s behind this; it is fortunate the two officers will live, but still this is very scary situation (adding to this, the two officers were from different jurisdictions than Ferguson).

I thought the remarks of departing Ferguson police chief, Thomas Jackson, were appropriate and poignant, if not slightly tinged with a bit of lingering resentment, after all he`s had to endure since that terrible day, August 19th, 2014, when Michael Brown was coldly shot down in the street by one of his own, rogue officer Darren Wilson. 

Yet Jackson had to go, after the Federal report exposed the little scam they had going, where the cops could repeatedly ticket Blacks for minor offenses, so as to finance the city (please read on these details in a New York Times piece, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson Joins Exodus of City Officials, by John Eligon - March 11, 2015). 

I didn`t realize how bad this situation got until just yesterday; this scam and the blatant racism existing high-up with Ferguson officials makes me think it wasn`t just a fluke, as far as what erupted there in Missouri in late summer. Actually, it may have been inevitable; this makes me wonder whether the shooter, or the conspirators who commissioned him, were not privy to the scathing, newly issued Department of Justice report. 

This thought-thread bespeaks nothing but PAYBACK TIME, as a motive for this group responsible *(the idea it was a lone nut is not working for me just now). Yet another even more disturbing theory, racing across my flighty mind, is the shooter may have been ticketed unfairly many times before by this bunch (FPD).

Better to get this down on paper while it`s still fresh in my mind, and before the media starts to spin it all over the place. I say this, since I don`t believe they`ll be able to catch the parties responsible with too much ease. This statement suggests the perpetrators put a great deal of planning into the assault, with an eye for how it would be done, and how the shooter could escape the scene without too much difficulty.

Nobody saw him do it and nobody saw him get away; this tells you a lot about the care and planning used by the perpetrators. Are there agitators from the outside behind this? This would be my guess; I`m gettin` flashes of MLK`s unsolved assassination, but realize the roles are reversed here, along with flashbacks of the Black Panthers in action during the 1960s. There`s no rationality behind this, but I thought you`d like to know! You may be experiencing similar MindGames...